What people may want most in life is to be invited to the celebration of their value, ability, and self-directing powers.


There are few conditions that humans cannot transcend provided they are suitably invited to do so.

International Exchange Program

Host a visiting school group and/or travel with students to Hong Kong and Mainland China as part of IAIE's US/HK Exchange Program. Watch your students become collaborative global citizens as they explore new cultures and educational systems.

Inviting School Awards Program

Discover how your school can receive an International Inviting School Award in recognition of your journey to create an intentionally positive school climate with Invitational Education. School climate surveys, training materials, and IAIE coaching are available.


The International Alliance for Invitational Education is a not-for-profit group of educators and allied professionals throughout the world, dedicated to the development of positive school, work, and home environments as well as opposed to those forces that demean and defeat human potential. Come learn how to create climates intentionally based on trust, respect, optimism, and care while networking with IAIE members around the world.  

What is Invitational Education?

ITP is a theory of practice designed to create, maintain, and enhance human environments that summon people to realize their boundless potential. It seeks to explain the nature of “signal systems”: positive messages that develop potential as well as negative messages that defeat and destroy potential.

Inviting School Awards

With Invitational Education as the framework, IAIE guides schools through the process of creating and sustaining an intentionally positive climate. Apply for the Inviting School Award Program and receive your Inviting School Award at the IAIE World Conference.

IE ToolKit

The Invitational Education Toolkit is an interactive PD presentation designed for you to use to introduce Invitational Theory and Practice to your colleagues, as well as guide you through the process of becoming an inviting organization. Key concepts and detailed notes to guide the facilitator are included.

Exchange Program

The IAIE International Exchange program provides opportunities for school groups in the US and HK to visit each other to experience different cultures and share inviting school strategies. Schools may travel and/or host a visiting school.

Members Resources

IAIE Member Resources include a wealth of IE related activities, quotes, articles, and videos as well as the full archives for the Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice and the Invitational Education Newsletter. Available to all IAIE members.

Positive School Climate Coalition

The Positive School Climate Coalition joins together leading school climate organizations to illuminate the importance of positive environments, advocate for implementation, and generate strategies for creating intentionally positive school climates worldwide. Like-minded not-for-profit organizations may join the Coalition at no cost. Join us today!

IAIE Membership

IAIE membership connects educators and allied professionals with intentionally positive schools and organizations around the world. Become an individual or institutional member of IAIE and enjoy the many global learning programs, services, and member resources. provided.

Introductory Videos

View informative IAIE videos to learn more about Invitational Theory and Practice, the Inviting School Process, and International Exchange Programs from IAIE's leaders and founders.
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