Inviting School Award

IAIE Inviting School Award


ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School, Hong Kong, China

IAIE presents the Inviting School Award to recognize schools, districts, and universities that have demonstrated exceptional implementation of IE philosophies. This annual recognition has been presented to a select group of institutions around the world that have been educated in IE tenets and who have created positive educational environments for their stakeholders using Invitational Theory & Practice.

As they customize IE principles to their sites, and schools earn the award through a series of steps demonstrating their ongoing commitment to best serving their students, staffs and communities. They create an electronic portfolio describing what care, trust, respect, optimism and intentionality are at their school. What is seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt at the school is displayed in the context of the Five P’s (People, Places, Policies, Programs, Processes).  

IAIE’s new Invitational Education Toolkit is an ideal step by step professional development tool for introducing your staff to Invitational Education and guiding you through your inviting journey.  Your journey to becoming an Inviting School should be at least one year (preferably 1.5 – 2) in order to learn about and apply the theory to your practices.   To support Inviting Schools in their progress after receiving the Inviting School Award,  IAIE offers five levels of Fidelity Awards, given every other year.

Steps to achieving the Inviting School Award include:

  1. The school learns and implements Invitational Education philosophies and practices.
  2. The school becomes an IAIE Institutional member.
  3. Stakeholders complete the Inviting School Survey–Revised (ISS-R) (by December 31  prior to award year) and reflect on the fully disaggregated report that is provided to target potential areas for improvement.
  4. The school completes the Inviting School Award Application by January 31st of the year prior to the award.
  5. An electronic portfolio is created by the school and submitted to the Award Committee Chair by April 15 and an IAIE site visit is scheduled.  In order to be notified by May 31st, must have all supporting documents and a site visit completed.
Red Oak Elementary School, Nicholasville, KY Inviting School Award: 2014

Red Oak Elementary School, Nicholasville, KY

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Note: IAIE recognizes that some schools may not be able to host an evaluation team. Schools wishing to apply but that may be unable to host a site visit will be eligible for an alternate recognition. The Inviting School of Promise Certificate has been created for these schools.

Joe Stanley Smith Elementary School, Carlsbad, New Mexico

Joe Stanley Smith Elementary School, Carlsbad, New Mexico