Inviting School Survey

STEPS for Using the Survey

Step 1:

Visit the IE STORE to 
*Purchase a FREE PDF copy of the Survey questions. 
*Purchase the official online version of the Survey with analysis and report.
(Required for Inviting or Fidelity Awards) 

Step 2:

Once your payment has been received, you will receive an email with a link to the School Demographic Information Form.  Please complete and submit the form.

Step 3:
Once your demographic Information Form is received, you will receive an email from Dr. Ken Smith including:

*Your Access Code to give to all survey responders
*Important instructions for collecting responses
and requesting your report.

For Survey Help:

Inviting School Survey Manual



Contact Kathy Fields
IAIE Executive Director

How Inviting Is Your School?
Find out with…
The Inviting School Survey-Revised

The Inviting School Survey-Revised (ISS-R) is a 50-item survey to be completed online by students, teachers, school staff, and parents/guardians. The survey is designed to measure the degree to which schools summon people to realize their relatively boundless potential in five basic dimensions: People, Places, Policies, Programs and Processes.  It is available in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.


  1. To learn how students, teachers, administrators, staff and parents perceive the school.
  2. To identify areas of weakness and strength in the school climate.
  3. To use as pre-post measures in assessing school improvement.
  4. To identify schools which are eligible to receive the Inviting School Award or the Fidelity School Awards.
  5. To obtain scores on five factors plus a composite (total) score.
  6. To compare your schools with others in our global community.

Cost and How to Order:
The ISS-R is available for use by individual and institutional members of IAIE.  Visit the IE STORE to join IAIE.  After becoming a member, return to the IE STORE to purchase your Survey. The fee is $150.00.  The fee includes fully dis-aggregated data and a detailed report.   You may choose to pay by credit card or PayPal, purchase order, check or bank draft. Click Here to purchase your survey.

All Inviting School Applicants complete the survey as part of their application process.  However, a school does not have to be an Inviting School Award Applicant in order to use the Survey.  We encourage all schools to participate in the Inviting School Award process, to receive international acknowledgement for your work in school climate.  Visit Inviting School Award for more information.

After you purchase your Survey,  you will receive an email from IAIE that contains a link to the School Demographic Information Form.  Please complete and submit this form.  You will then receive a Survey Access Code and further instructions from Dr. Ken Smith.

Research Assistance:
Individuals interested in using the ISS-R for research purposes (Master, Doctorate, Other) should contact Kathy Fields Executive Director. Assistance in scoring and analysis of research data is available.

Guidelines for Collecting Responses: 
A minimum of 100 survey responses should be collected, however there is no limit as to the number of responses you may submit.  It is strongly suggested that a representative sample group is obtained.  Ideally, 30% Students, 30% Teachers, 30% Parents and 10% School Staff (e.g. Administrators, Counselors and Support Staff.)

How Is The ISS-R Administered and Scored?
The ISS-R (© 2011) is designed for online, self-administration.  Members of a school community or participants in a research study take the ISS-R individually and their results are compiled for their assigned school or group. Most respondents complete the survey within 20 minutes or less. Scores for schools or other groups are compiled in spreadsheets.  Each participating school/district will receive a detailed report.

Additional Resources to Guide Your School Climate Initiative:
The new Invitational Education Toolkit is a wonderful professional development tool providing a step-by-step plan and materials to help your school create an optimal learning environment as well as guide you through becoming an Award-winning Inviting School. Coaching and custom workshops for your staff are also available.

For further information about the Survey please refer to the Inviting School Survey (Revised) Manual.  For any additional questions, please contact Kathy Fields, Executive Director.