Exchange Program


IAIE US-HK International Exchange Program

Provide your students and staff with a transformational learning experience by participating in the IAIE US-Hong Kong Exchange Program. This affordable program provides  a unique way to broaden student perspectives as they experience each other’s culture and school system and develop lifelong friendships.

Participating schools in the United States host a small group of 12-15 students and 2 teachers from Hong Kong or Mainland China for a period of 10 – 14 days. The visiting Chinese students and staff stay with host families and attend classes and other school activities with their hosts. In return, US schools may then choose to travel to Hong Kong and/or Mainland China to stay with their partner school friends.  Travel is optional for hosting schools.

All visiting Chinese students are able to communicate well in English. The Chinese teachers are eager to give presentations about Chinese culture during their visit to the US. Host schools receive a small stipend towards their hosting expenses and may choose the time of year for hosting or traveling. IAIE provides liability insurance for the trips.

The IAIE US-HK Exchange Program is coordinated by two experienced educational leaders.  Dr. Peter Wong is the Chief Curriculum Development Officer of the Education Bureau in Hong Kong, China.  He is responsible for implementing Invitational Theory and Practice in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and Nepal schools.  Dr. Kenneth Wright, IAIE HK Project Coordinator is a retired teacher and school administrator from the Scott County Schools in Georgetown, Kentucky.  His administrative roles included serving as an elementary principal and the Elementary and Secondary Director of Instruction.

Ex_eatingPlease use the Quick Link Buttons to view the IAIE Exchange Program videos and hear what students, teachers, and parents think about the program.  To express interest in the program please complete the interest form.  For further information, such as sample itineraries, contact Ken Wright, IAIE HK Project Coordinator.