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Here is a list of common “How to” questions with step-by-step answers:

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How to guide (click title)Description
Create a New Individual MembershipHow to.. join as new individual member
Renew an Individual MembershipHow To.. renew your individual membership
Login & View/Edit Member InfoHow to.. login & view/edit member info, including changing password
Create New Institutional MembershipHow to.. join as a new institutional member
Renew an Institutional MembershipHow to.. renew an existing institutional membership
Add or Change Institutional Member RepsHow to.. add or change member representatives to an institutional membership
Trial Member Coupon CodeHow to.. use coupon code to become a Trial Member for FREE
Using the Member DirectoryHow to.. use the Member Directory (access limited to current members)
View Your OrdersHow to.. view your pending and recent orders
Create a New Individual MembershipHow to...give a gift membership