IAIE Hong Kong

The IAIE Hong Kong Center

The IAIE Hong Kong Center is responsible for significant growth in Inviting School practices in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Thailand, and Singapore. 123 Asian Schools have achieved multiple Inviting and Fidelity School Awards through the guidance of the IAIE HK Center.iaiehk1

The Center provides comprehensive training for Asian schools interested in Invitational Education, bringing world-renown experts on school climate, leadership, and instructional practices to China.

IAIE HK is now establishing a new Invitational Education Institute in Hong Kong, to provide extensive accredited courses in Invitational Education and related topics.

The Center works closely with IAIE on all IAIE initiatives, especially the Inviting and Fidelity School Awards programs, the World Conference and Student Exchange Programs with US schools.   IAIE HK welcomes opportunities for student and educator exchange experiences.  Please contact Stephen Chu for more information about IAIE HK.

Learn more about the IAIE HK Center website at: http://www.iaie.org.hk




Stephen Chu
IAIE HK Chairman

For Membership, contact:

Stephanie Chan