IAIE Committees

IAIE’s wide variety of programs and services are created and managed by small groups of volunteer members.  Working on an IAIE Committee is a fund and rewarding way to collaborate with members around the world.  If you would like to join a committee, please contact the committee chairperson.  We welcome your ideas and appreciate your help.


The Liaison Committee is responsible for evaluating, encouraging and maintaining mutual understandings with like-minded organizations and professional development affiliates. An important function of the committee is the leadership, development and marketing of the new Coalition to Promote Positive School Climate.

Sally Butzin

The Marketing Committee is responsible for marketing the benefits of IAIE membership, highlighting IAIE programs and services, such as Inviting School Award Program, the International Exchange Program, Conferences, Regional Workshops, and Member Resources.   The committee is also responsible for protecting the Alliance brand and providing reports regarding marketing initiatives.  The Marketing Committee works collaboratively with the Communications Committee.
Angela Miller


The IAIE Membership Committee assists in the development of recruitment materials, promotes scholarships as available, and supports the various awards, including the Inviting School Award, the Fidelity Award, and the William Stafford Leadership Award. The committee also undertakes special projects, such as keeping in touch with student members, sending thanks to new and renewing members, organizing Senior Active and promoting creative ways to encourage membership.

William Purkey

The Research Committee is responsible for setting the research agenda for the Alliance. The committee works closely with the AERA SIG, the FORUM, the Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice editors, the Inviting School Award, and the Paula Helen Stanley Fidelity Award committees to gather and publish strong data supporting Invitational Theory and Practice.This committee is also responsible for the Outstanding Research Award presented at the Annual World Conference.

Jenny Edwards 


World Conference:  October 29-November 1, 2014, Nashville, Tennessee
The World Conference Committee is responsible for the overall planning of the Annual IAIE World Conference, including the development of the program, keynote and breakout presentations, hospitality, excursions, logistics and entertainment. The Conference Director works closely with local schools and universities to provide visits to Inviting Schools for conference participants and encourage participation in the conference.
Conference Director
Jane Allison

Inviting School Awards 
The Inviting School Awards Committee is responsible for seeking nominations, reviewing  applications and recognizing schools, districts and universities that have successfully used Invitational Education as a framework for creating an intentionally positive climate. Awards are presented at the Annual World Conference during even numbered years.
Ed Gwazdauskas

Paula Stanley Fidelity School Awards
The Fidelity Award Sub-Committee is responsible for maintaining contact with past recipients of the Inviting School Award and for encouraging schools to continue their efforts to build upon and be recognized for sustaining the Inviting Schools principles. Awards are presented at the Annual World Conference during odd number years.
Ken Wright

William Stafford Leadership Awards
The Stafford Leadership Award Sub-Committee is responsible for seeking nominations and selecting award-winners to recognize for exceptional service and leadership within the Alliance. This is the highest award presented by IAIE.  Awards are presented at the World Conference during even number years.
Clio Chan
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