Coalition Mission

Positive School Climate Mission

The Coalition’s mission is to illuminate the benefits, advocate for implementation, and generate strategies for creating positive school climates worldwide.


The Coalition illuminates the many benefits of intentionally creating a positive school climate. This includes how positive climates help all students and school adults to be successful emotionally, socially, and academically; how establishing positive behavioral norms reduces incidents of bullying, violence, harassment and discrimination; and how student engagement and achievement increase significantly in positive environments.

Research findings in asset development, social emotional learning, motivation, and self-concept all illustrate how a positive climate creates a safe and supportive place for us all to realize our full potential. The Coalition seeks to provide broadened perspectives and information to the general public, school and governmental leaders, teachers, counselors, and allied professionals through a common platform.

The Coalition webpage provides links to all Coalition Partner organizations’ websites, where additional information, strategies, and resources may be found.


The Coalition advocates for positive school climate to become a prominent focus in schools so that every school, supported by local and national policies, develops a transformative framework of intentionally positive practices and mindsets to meet today’s educational challenges.

This approach provides an alternative to control-oriented reform strategies that label and demean students, teachers, and their schools. Research findings explain how negative approaches actually reduce engagement, performance, persistence and creativity. How we approach teacher evaluation, the implementation of new academic standards, testing, and other reform initiatives is pivotal to their success.

The Coalition advocates for a focus on inviting human development through intentionally positive environments in which all members are seen as able, valuable and responsible, and are treated accordingly.


The Coalition Partners agree that we need to do more than just tell what “should be” and “why.” Our collective work has generated practical, evidence-based approaches, strategies, techniques, and materials to assist schools in creating, sustaining and enhancing positive school climates.

Recognizing that there are multiple aspects to the problems facing schools today, the Coalition offers a variety of ideas and frameworks to guide, support, and serve school communities on their journey to create, sustain, and enhance optimal school environments for learning, leading, and living.