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Is your school an award-winning Inviting School?  Then it’s time to continue your journey to increase your school’s knowledge of Invitational Theory and use of inviting practices.  Apply for one of the 5 prestigious Fidelity Awards, which are given every two years.  This simple, reflective endeavor will help engage all stakeholders in your quest to provide all stakeholders with the opportunity to feel able, valuable, and responsible and to be treated that way.

The application is FREE.  You must have a current IAIE Institutional Membership in order to apply. Just choose the simple online form or  download the PDF form which you may email (or mail) to IAIE.  After Check Out, you will receive a receipt with links to the form you selected as well as a PDF of the Inviting School Application Guide. Please download the form, then complete and submit to officially apply.

The next step is to purchase the ISS-R Survey and complete the school demographic form.  You will receive a link to the free school demographic form in your Survey receipt.

See product description below for more details.  Proceed to Check Out to receive your application form and guide.

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The prestigious Inviting School Fidelity Award recognizes schools throughout the world that over the years have kept the spirit and practice of Invitational Education alive and well in their schools.

The Fidelity Award Committee maintains contact with past recipients of the Inviting School Award and encourages these schools to continue their efforts to build upon and be recognized for sustaining the Inviting School principles.


ELCHK Yong Lutheran School

This award was named for Dr. Paula Helen Stanley, late professor of Counselor Education at Radford University, who served for many years as Director of the Radford University Center for Invitational Education.  Her legacy as an inspiring, inviting educator lives on through those who receive the Fidelity Award.


There are 5 levels of Fidelity Awards, presented every two years.  A school that receives the top Gold Fidelity Award has dedicated more than 10 years to inviting practices. To receive the Inviting School Fidelity Award schools must be a current IAIE Institutional Member and complete the following 6 steps:

  1. Be officially recognized as an Inviting School.
  2. Submit an application to the award committee stating interest in applying for the Fidelity Award.
  3. Administer the Inviting School Survey (ISS-R) to school stake holders. (It is recommended to complete the survey by Feb. 1st in order to use the survey results to guide your improvement plans and initiatives that should be part of  your final report.
  4. Assess school growth by using the IE Helix model.
  5. Complete a brief summary of how IE has impacted school climate and culture.
  6. Describe how IE will influence the future plans of your school.

This award is presented at the annual IAIE World Conference every two years during the odd calendar years.  Use the quick link button to download the Fidelity Award Application Guide which includes detailed instructions and guidelines.

Applications for the 2019 Fidelity Awards must be received by March 31st, 2019.  All required materials must be submitted by May 1st, 2019.


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