Fundamentals of Invitational Education – 2nd Edition

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William W. Purkey & John M. Novak with Allyson T. Schoenlein, Editor

 Fundamentals of Invitational Education 2nd edition serves as a concise and insightful introduction to Invitational Education, a theory of practice for authentically creating and sustaining welcoming environments intentionally based on trust, respect, optimism, and care, for increased outcomes and personal growth.

By focusing on how the communicative process influences the development of human potential, Invitational Education helps us understand how our words and actions, and everything in a school or organization, message people that they are able, valuable, and responsible, or they are not.  This greatly influences the development of a largely positive or negative self-concept – what we believe to be true about ourselves.  Our self-concept and our perceptions of the situations we find ourselves in, then influence our choices of behavior.

Learn how applying an inviting approach to learning, leading, and living can help us all to realize our full potential.

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Fundamentals of Invitational Education, 2nd Edition

ISBN 978-0-692-54368-9
56 pages, Paperback

Research has soundly validated the concepts taught in the Fundamentals of Invitational Education.   Using the first edition, leaders worldwide tapped into its wisdom to change their school cultures, business models, and family dynamics.

This updated text provides an insightful introduction to invitational theory and a helpful guide for Invitational Education presentations and research.  It also serves as a synergistic companion for the new Invitational Education Toolkit: A Guide for Learning, Leading and Living.  The Toolkit’s framework for school improvement is built on the Helix explained in this book.  The Toolkit shares tenants in a format for interactive group study composed of 12 strategically constructed steps to successfully implement the inviting approach in your organization.  Learn more about the Toolkit at

About the Authors

William Watson Purkey is professor emeritus of counselor education at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and co-founder of The International Alliance for Invitational Invitational Education©. Dr. Purkey continues to write profoundly and prolifically as a catalyst for school improvement.

John M. Novak is professor emeritus of graduate studies in the Faculty of Education at Brock University, Ontario, Canada.   Dr. Novak is an inviting, international lecturer and a compelling author of many books and articles illuminating Invitational Education as a theory of practice.

Allyson T. Schoenlein served as a public school administrator in Huntington, WV and leads a variety of vital IAIE initiatives.   She directs a writing team developing the Invitational Theory and Practice Toolkit:  The Educator’s Guide to Positive Climates for Learning, Leading and Living.

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    This is the best introduction for those new to Invitational Education.

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