Inviting School Award Application

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Complete your FREE application for the IAIE Inviting School Award and begin your journey to creating a more intentionally positive environment for all student and staff success. Schools that wish to begin the award process should FIRST become an IAIE Institutional Member, then file the application.  You may download a sample of the application here.

The official application is FREE.  Just choose the simple online form or download the PDF form which you may email (or mail) to IAIE.  After Check Out, you will receive a receipt with links to the form you selected as well as a PDF of the Inviting School Application Guide.  Please be sure to click on the application link in your receipt, then complete and submit the form.

The deadline for the application is December 31st of the year prior to the award year.  Awards are announced in May or June and presented at the World Conference each fall.  Institutional Membership in IAIE is required for all schools in the Inviting School Award program.

Be sure to purchase the Inviting School Award Survey and have at least 100 stakeholders complete the survey by November 15th (the year before your award year.)

The Award program is flexible and IAIE leaders are always available to guide you along the way.  As you embark upon your journey, you may decide to complete your award portfolio in the year requested, or postpone until the following year.  Take time to involve all stakeholders in the process to truly create and sustain a positive climate.

See Product Description Below for more information.  Proceed to check out to receive your application form.


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IAIE presents the Inviting School Award to recognize schools, districts, and universities that have demonstrated exceptional implementation of the Invitational Education framework for school improvement . This annual recognition has been presented to a select group of institutions around the world that have been educated in IE tenets and who have created exceptional educational environments for their stakeholders using Invitational Theory & Practice.

As they customize IE principles to their sites, schools earn the award through a series of steps demonstrating their ongoing commitment to best serving their students, staffs and communities. They create an electronic portfolio describing how care, trust, respect, optimism and intentionality are demonstrated at their school. What is seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt at the school is displayed in the context of the Five P’s (People, Places, Policies, Programs, and Processes).

Steps to achieving the Inviting School Award include:

  1. The school learns and implements Invitational Education philosophies and practices.
  2. The school becomes an IAIE Institutional member.
  3. The school “orders” and completes the FREE Inviting School application.
  4. The school purchases the Inviting School Survey–Revised (ISS-R) and stakeholders complete the survey (by November 15th). They then reflect on the fully disaggregated report that is provided, in order to target potential areas for improvement.
  5. The school completes the Inviting School Award application by December 31st.
  6. An electronic portfolio is created by the school and submitted to the Award Committee Chair by March 15 and sets up an IAIE site visit by April 15th, in order to be notified by May 31st, or the school submits their electronic portfolio by April 15th an sets up their IAIE site visit by May 20th, in order to be notified by June 20th of the award year.