Invitational Education Toolkit

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2-Year Single Site License

The Invitational Education Toolkit delivers a self-guided journey for any school planning to build greater school success.   There’s no resource like it! Rather than clone school improvement with a prescribed set of strategies, The Toolkit builds on the unique traits of each school, wherever its journey begins.

Twelve training Steps lead schools along a continuum of Invitational growth and development.   Each progressive Step starts with an intentionally designed Power Point lesson for stakeholders. Resources include detailed facilitator notes, engaging video clips, printable handouts, training tips and collaboration opportunities for participants.   Facilitators need no previous experience with Invitational Education in order to lead the workshops.

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Invitational Education Toolkit
2-Year Single Site License

Great flexibility is a hallmark of The Invitational Education Toolkit.   Schools determine their own timeframe and finish line.   Power Point lessons are designed for a one hour workshop.   Lessons may be shortened, extended or eliminated to match the school’s situation.   Each Step prompts new thoughts and actions which continue to transform a school over days, weeks and months.

The Invitational Education Toolkit is designed to support educators, from novices to experts.   The Toolkit will guide people with basic skills and will also challenge people with extensive experience. Every school stakeholder benefits by applying Invitational Education Steps, including service staff, counselors, health providers, parents, and students, as well as teachers and administrators.  Schools applying for the Inviting School and Fidelity School Awards are encouraged to use the Toolkit to guide their journey.

A two-year site license is available to IAIE members for $385.00.  The Non-Member cost is $700.00.  The site license is intended for use by schools in ONE building.  Members that purchase a site license for a building, may purchase additional site licenses for use in the same district or organization for $192.50 each. Contact Kathy Fields, Executive Director to purchase additional site licenses.

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