Journal of Invitational Theory & Practice

The Journal of Invitational Theory & Practice is an annual publication that promotes the study, application, and research of invitational theory.   It is an online peer reviewed scholarly publication presenting articles to advance invitational learning and living and the foundations that support this theory of practice, particularly self-concept theory and perceptual psychology.  

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An invitation from the JITP Editor:
Dr. Chris James Anderson
Southwest Minnesota State University’s School of Education…

As the JITP editor, I invite others to embrace the holistic and interdependent conditions that promote learning for all! The JITP advances the tenets of Invitational Education (IE) theory and practices to optimize educational equity in quality. While education is the endeavor that strengthens a mind, frees a spirit, and enriches a society, the JITP will not be limited to educational stakeholders. Rather, the JITP editor welcomes all opportunities to promote the study, application, and research of Invitational Theory and Practice (ITP).

As an interdependent framework, the Five P’s: people, places, policies, programs, and processes, “address the total culture or ecosystem of almost any organization” (Purkey and Siegel, 2013, p. 104). Therefore, the framework offers an almost limitless number of opportunities for the organizational leader to invite reform or sustain success. As a forum for advancing the mission of ITP, the journal will endeavor to exhibit the “beneficial impact/outcomes of ITP in all the multidimensional areas of worthwhile human endeavors” (Shaw, 2013, p. 3).

Our editorial board invites submission of scholarly papers that identify how ITP guides reform, sustains success, or reinforces best practices through research. To promote Invitational Theory and Practice, scholarly articles within the JITP may come from international sources, educational practitioners, organizational leaders, and multidisciplinary researchers. Please follow the guidelines provided when submitting manuscripts for publication consideration. Authors may submit manuscripts as email attachments to:

For additional information, contact the JITP Editor at: