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IAIE’s Inviting School Awards

Would you like to create a more pervasive positive climate in your school?  Are you already implementing some positive climate initiatives and hoping to get more stakeholders involved?

Creeds Elem Princ

Robin Davenport, retired principal of Creed Elementary School, a Gold Fidelity School

IAIE provides schools with the opportunity to receive international awards, in recognition of the development of an intentionally positive climate based on an Invitational Education framework.

Schools new to positive climate initiatives as well as those that have been working on such initiatives for many years benefit greatly by participating in the Inviting School Award program.  Invitational Education strategies provide a boost in staff morale, reflective practice, and renewed interest in school improvement that school leaders describe as a  “tidal wave” of positive, renewed engagement.

Join the 383 schools around the world that have received the prestigious IAIE Inviting and Fidelity School Awards since 1986!


Inviting School Awards

A school that is new to Invitational Education may apply for the Inviting School Award by sharing information about Invitational Education with the faculty, administering the Inviting School Survey, and discovering ways to apply invitational practices to the people,

Red Oak Elementary School, Nicholasville, KY Inviting School Award: 2014

Red Oak Elementary School, Nicholasville, KY Inviting School Award: 2014

places, policies, programs, and processes in the school. Inviting School Awards are now presented every year at the IAIE World Conference.

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Fidelity School Awards

Fidelity Award

ELCHK Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School Hong Kong, China

The benefits of inviting practices never end! Schools that have received the Inviting School Award are encouraged to continue their study and implementation of Invitational Education through the Inviting School Fidelity Awards, given in honor of Paula H. Stanley.  This reflective process acknowledges schools for continuing to grow and sustain Invitational practices with five levels of Fidelity awards, which may be applied for every two years.   The most prestigious IAIE School Award is the Gold Fidelity Award, which may be achieved after ten years of fidelity commitment to invitational principles.

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IAIE’s new Invitational Education Toolkit provides inviting  and fidelity school applicants with a carefully sequenced guide through the 12 steps of the Invitational Helix, from occasional interest and use of inviting practices, to  systematic application and pervasive adoption.  A multi-year commitment to IE is the best way to sustain an intentionally positive climate.


CPS golden award